Omnitrition International, Inc. has been bringing the finest nutritional products to America’s families for over 22 years with our primary focus on exceptional product quality. We take pride in knowing that every one of our products is manufactured right here in the United States ensuring the highest standards of quality assurance.


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Nutrition is one of today’s most exciting fields of endeavor due to continuing progressive discoveries and our increasingly health-conscious lifestyles. Omnitrition International, Inc. is proud to play a part in helping people make the best nutritional decisions for their health, mind and body. With Health care cost rising, it has become more important than ever to take control of your own nutritional needs. Omnitrition has been bringing the worlds finest nutritional products to America’s families since October 1989 and continues its commitment to quality, integrity and the future.
Omnitrition has built an excellent reputation on its superb business ethic and customer satisfaction. Omnitrition has exceptional products to suit the needs of all individuals, from the sport enthusiast, to those interested in weight loss, to the busy mom on the go. The formulators of Omnitrition’s product line believe in using only the finest quality ingredients available. By making Omnitrition’s products the focal point of the business, people come back time after time because of outstanding results and product satisfaction.
Company sales are based on person-to-person marketing and good old-fashioned word of mouth from happy customers wishing to share their healthier lifestyle with family, friends and co-workers. With our direct ship to the customer option, many individuals have seen the potential for marketing Omnitrition’s growing line of products and have seized the opportunity to become involved in a home-based business that is easy and inexpensive to start.
We hope that you will be as enthusiastic about our products and formulations as the many happy healthy people who use them everyday.



Some products include
HCG Diet Homeopathic Drops.
Homeopathic HCG.
HCG Platinum, HCG Platinum X-30, HCG Platinum X-14.
HCG Fusion 30, HCG Fusion 43.
Homeopathic Original HCG, Homeopathic HCG.
HCG Extra Weight Loss Homeopathic Drops.
Alcohol Free hCG Weight Loss Formula.



1. What are Omni Drops?
Omni Drops are pharmaceutical grade HCG, made in an FDA-approved lab. They contain HCG and vitamin B-12!
2. Why do I need the Omni IV liquid vitamins?
Your body absorbs 90% of a liquid vitamin within 20 minutes of taking them. The vitamins are formulated to help with weight loss and they are AWESOME!
3. How much does it cost for a kit? 
For the drops and vitamins together, it is $131.95 plus shipping and tax. We found that our food budget decreased dramatically on the diet and we didn't notice a hiccup in our finances. 

The product is real

You can make money by selling it

INo official ingredients are listed by the manufacturers

Fail to mention the exact cost of the product

​Company has an F rating on manufacturing


I had always been skeptical when I saw before and after photos on a weight loss products website.  My sister was telling me about a segment on the Today Show recently where they talked about companies stealing bloggers before and after photos and using them as their own.  That actually happened to a blog friend that I know through a networking facebook group.  She had lost weight with diet and exercise only and a company that sells a product had stolen her photos.  Ridiculous really.
Well, I can tell you with 100% accuracy that the photos below are REAL people who followed the Omni Drops Program.  A few of them I know personally and have met in real life.  I’m astonished and amazed on a daily basis when people share their before and after photos.  I can’t wait until I graduate from “Before” and “During” to my Before and After photo.
My husband and I will be loading for Round 2 on the program.  I’m excited that my phase 3 reset has been a success and now I’m ready to start losing the weight again.
I’ve become a distributor for Omnitrition and if you’d like information on the products and the protocol for the Omni Drops, please contact me at cleaneating at comcast dot net.